WK Remax Mobile Car Holder S05


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WK Remax Mobile Car Holder S05

WK Car Holder holds the hand of hand-held mobile devices in the car from the world’s leading equipment manufacturers Smart Phone WK Hong Kong goods exported worldwide. Good quality materials for durability, robustness, ease of use and convenience. For those who need a car. Take the road for a long time due to the traffic jam. Or have to travel far to use a hand-held WK Car Holder can be scaled to match the size of your cell.

Key Features

  • Arms outstretched to shake hands outstretched, holding a 4.7 to 10 inches.
  • Easy to install, requires no tools.
  • Made from premium materials more durable.
  • 360 degree rotation

Package Includes

1 x WK Remax Mobile Car Holder S05


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