SONAX Premium Class Saphir power polish (250ML)


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SONAX Premium Class Saphir power polish

How it works:

SONAX Premium Class Saphir Power Polish is suitable for all types and conditions of paintwork. It contains highly effective polishing elements which break down into nano-fine particles during the polishing process. Thus, slight scratches are removed, weathered paint layers are worn away and dull colours are freshened up.

This will enable you to achieve a perfect paintwork finish and a very even, deep shine without streaks, haze and halograms. Even more: SONAX Premium Class Saphir Power Polish can remove already existing halograms.

This high-end polish technology, based on NanoSaphire, ensures that longer and more intensive polishing continually increases the gloss to a previously unattainable standard. This does not work with conventional polishes: these reach their performance at a certain limit, and further working efforts produce no additional improvement.

Directions for use:

1. Wash vehicle thoroughly in the automatic car wash, or manually. Subsequent drying is not necessary.

2. To avoid white stains caused by polish residue, plastic and rubber components should be pre-treated with SONAX Xtreme Plastic Restorer Gel exterior (Art. No. 210141).

3. Shake SONAX Premium Class Saphir Power Polish well before use.

4. Slightly moisten the sponge of the SONAX P-Ball.

5. Apply some polish (ca. the size of a diameter of 2.5cm) onto the sponge of the SONAX P-Ball.

Caution: The right amount of polish is decisive! Too much polish makes it more difficult to remove the residue, too little makes it dry too fast and reduces the abrasive effect.

6. Distribute the polish over an area of ca. 50 x 50 cm.

Tip: Concentrate on smaller areas, this simplifies the work and improves effect!

7. Polish the small area exerting medium preasure. The polishing can be done by working in circular movements, or in a criss-cross pattern (first in a horizontal direction then vertically).

Tip: The greater the expenditure of time and effort, the better the result!

Tip: After completing the polishing procedure, quickly run the sponge over the treated area, without excerting force. In this way a large amount of the abrasive will be absorbed by the sponge. A thin, clear film will remain, that will be easier to remove at the end.

8. Afterwards, remove the moist polish residue with microfibre cloth.

Tip: In rare cases (mostly on very old and rough paintwork) polishes tend to dry on fast and to stubbornly “stick” to the paintwork. In such cases the microfibre cloth cannot take up the residue. To deal with this, keep a spray bottle of mains water ready to moisten this polish residue. After this, the residue can easily be removed with the microfibre cloth.

9. Afterwards, go on the next area and repeat the process.

Good to know:

  • The product can also be applied with a polishing machine and a soft polishing pad.
  • Polishing in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork should be avoided
  • After application, take the sponge off the SONAX P-Ball and clean it with warm water. The microfibre cloth can be machine washed at 60C (do not tumble dry, no conditioner)
  • The Carnauba wax content in this polish provides a basic conservation of the paintwork. For long term protection and a lasting shine, a subsequent sealing wih SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Care or SONAX Premium Class Nano Paint Coating is highly recommended.


– 250 ml of Premium Class Saphir Power Polish (PET-Bottle)

Application Sponge – 1 pcs.

Microfibre Cloth – 1 pcs.


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