SONAX PremiumClass Carnauba care (200ML)


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SONAX PremiumClass Carnauba care

The wax in SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare consists of 100% pure and unadulterated “Grade One” Carnauba wax, which is extracted exclusively from the young leaves of the Brazilian carnauba palm (“Copernicia cerifera”).

Due to its molecular structure it provides maximum protection against UV-rays which prevents the paintwork from prematurely bleaching out, and keeps the colours longer vibrant. Carnauba wax is the hardest of all naturally obtainable waxes. Applied to the paintwork it provides high resistance against all environmental influences, a lasting shine and long-term protection.

High quality maintenance oil facilitates the easy application of the SONAX PremiumClass CarnaubaCare. In addition they provide a briliant shine and rich colour depth. The treated paintwork becomes extremely smooth which also provides excellent protection against stubborn insect grime.

Directions to use:

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle with plenty of water, shampoo and sponge
  2. Dry the vehicle completely with a chamois leather or SONAX FlexiBlade. As ideal preparation for the wax treatment we recommend the use of “SONAX PremiumClass PaintworkCleaner“, a product specially developed for this purpose. The paintwork is cleaned mildly yet deeply, degreased and is especially receptive for the wax application. It considerably increases the durability of the wax coating.
  3. Apply the wax evenly and very sparingly with the enclosed application sponge. Allow to dry briefly.
  4. Remove any residue from the paintwork with the enclosed highly absorbent SONAX Microfibre Cloth.

Please note:

  • Treat the vehicle in the shade
  • The ideal application temperature, outdoors or paintwork, is 15-25 °C
  • Do not apply the wax too thickly. This can result in streaks and smears.

Safety data:

  • Keep out of the reach of children


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